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The Newark mayor and video-site founder spent the past week hanging out with hackers, founders, and tech geeks. Here’s why.

Watch out, Mike Bloomberg. There is competition in the race to be the most pro-entrepreneurship mayor. Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, New Jersey, keynoted at the exclusive f.ounders conference in New York City last week, just following returning residence from a few days at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, where he met with entrepreneurs, delivered a speak, and judged a hackathon.

That’s exactly where we met him–and where he was hanging out with the founders of some of the most talked-about commence-ups of this year. Lady Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter, also chatted up Booker, who has lately turn into known for his revolutionary–if unorthodox–use of Twitter to chat straight with constituents. Booker is also the founder–along with Gilt City president Nathan Richardson, and former TechCrunch executive Sarah Ross–of a new video-sharing begin-up called Waywire. Inc.’s Christine Lagorio sat down with Booker at South by Southwest to locate out more about his foray into entrepreneurship, his program for breaking up what he calls “an oligarchy of media,” and what’s next for him.

You just started a video-sharing site, Waywire. Why did you decide to jump into entrepreneurship? And why video?
I have been quite involved in social media throughout my job, and beginning to recognize the very potent democratizing forces in social media. It was bringing government closer to men and women, it was producing collaborative environments, receiving rid of these zero-sum-game politics of “I win you shed.” But I also saw the trend of video, and realized there were troubles with it, because it was really hard to discover the video that would be truly essential to you. I was going to YouTube, where there are most likely thousands of hours of stuff that would be critical to me, but I could in no way find out it in that vast ocean. So we decided we would commence sort of a Pandora for video.

Is there a social aspect to the video sharing as well?
To truly resolve for the discovery and the curation and the sharing of video, we create the appropriate algorithms so the best ones for you appear at the top of the screen. And every individual will have their own video identity. I genuinely like you, so something you post I’d want to stick to, for instance. The larger point of this is that the voices of the men and women are being shut out by an oligarchy of media that inform us every day what the prime stories are. I wanted to give men and women the energy to create video and get it into the social stream so that it begins penetrating the national conversation in a much more substantive way.

What occurred with the anti-Semitic videos that lately showed up on the site?
Somebody went on the website and posted something. We have mechanisms to get that stuff pulled off genuinely rapidly. I have not been updated on what precisely occurred, but my employees has told me it was taken down.

What have you learned from your career in Newark about entrepreneurship?
We need to produce a culture that calls for the innovations of individuals. And do not we live in a wonderful society now that via items like collaborative consumption, all of us can access our personal entrepreneurialism, our latent financial prowess? I’m really, very, excited, especially now becoming involved in a begin-up, beginning to see what the part of government is in assisting start off-ups to start. How do you deal with every little thing from access to capital concerns to access to talent? How do you get the right programmers–the proper engineering group? So this is great for me, from correct now, when Newark is getting the greatest economic boom because the 1950s and 1960s, to exactly where I may well want to go, which is the United States Senate.

What are the most significant factors the federal government can do to stoke entrepreneurship and start off-ups?
It’s no a single point it is every thing. We are not preparing our young men and women to really compete and innovate and develop in the 21st century’s international, expertise-based economy. This is quite problematic. What about access to capital? I’m truly excited that technology is disrupting this, with Kiva and Kickstarter. But why aren’t there more girls-started businesses, or minority-began firms? This is also very problematic. That’s happening appropriate now, simply because not adequate ladies are obtaining that access to VC funds, not adequate minorities obtaining access to VC money.

We’ve got to be confident we’re creating a climate. Congress should be carrying out much more to fuel innovation–to fuel growth. And, frankly, make America continue to be the spot with the smartest individuals on the globe come to discover, come to grow, come to innovate and begin firms.

What must we do about immigration reform?
It really is not either-or. We never have time for the tyranny of the “or” in America anymore. We’ve got to be the liberation of the “and.” We’ve got to do education much better and we want a lot more visas for the smartest human beings. They finish their Ph.D.s in biomedical engineering to stay here and contribute right here. It is ridiculous that we are kicking individuals out who could be driving our economy. We want them to keep right here and be a element of this wonderful society.

There’s a lot of debate over whether or not scrappy tech start off-ups are truly reputable creators of sustainable jobs.
You could say the same with restaurants, for instance. My parents opened up a restaurant when I was in grade college, and it failed. Witnessing that entrepreneurial endeavor was a wonderful finding out encounter for me as a kid. But the reality is: most small organizations fail. You know what the true engine of job creation in America nevertheless is modest firms. So we need to generate environments where men and women are willing to take much more risks with capital, exactly where men and women are prepared to jump in and apply their innovations, their imaginations, and their ideas.

Mark Zuckerberg donated $ one hundred million to Newark schools. Explain to us how that happened, and your part in it.
I was his hundred-millionth follower on Facebook, so…

Ha. If only!
No, so, he is passionate about education, and he knows that we are either going to succeed or fail based on our capability to educate folks, and that correct now, the trends are scary. The majority of kids born right now in America are minorities, and right now minorities are beneath-achieving in education. These racial disparities in education, McKinsey pins it as these days, an impact on our GDP of about $ two.three trillion. So tomorrow, 15 or 20 years from now, when these young individuals are entering the workforce, if they are not educated when they’re then the majority of our workforce, that’s extremely scary. And uneducated people cost so a lot much more, they have higher overall health-care charges, they have larger draw-downs on social solutions, they have higher prices of criminality. Go to a maximum-safety prison you are not going to see a lot of Ph.D.s there.

What tends to make you certified to be Senator?
1st of all, I am not definitely running! (Laughs.) Appear, I spent the last seven years of my life taking a city that was losing population, losing companies, losing a tax base, and with a severely broken budget–$ 700-plus million budget with a projected $ 200 million price range deficit–and seven years later it’s in its largest development period. My city of 300,000 men and women, with a state of eight or nine million, we are responsible for 30 % of all the state’s commercial and multi-family development right now as of the fourth quarter of 2012. So, we’ve cleaned up our spending budget we are spending significantly less right now than we have been when I came in seven years ago, so all these issues, addressing the fiscal problems, addressing the development issues, addressing education problems, addressing innovation troubles–from urban farming to criminal-justice reform. All these items we’ve had successes on at the nearby level, I believe give me a platform to stand on, must I go to the federal level.

When will we know for confident whether you are?
After the gubernatorial election. 1 election at a time!

This interview has been lightly edited and condensed.

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