When leading seminars, the duration of the actual presentation needs to be short. This allows for an emphasis to be placed on enabling interaction between seminars and attendees as well as between the attendess themselves. Many times seminar leaders try are too rigid with their format. They prepare a presentation with power point slide shows which gradually reveal keypoints as the discussion proceeds. While it can help to organize the topic, more than likely it will also stifle discussion and interaction, which should be the focus of seminars.

Seminars and Tools

Alternatively, a white board can be utilized to keep track of a discussion in a more complete way. This way, alternative points arising during the seminar can be added to key points, reasoning ideas and other expressions. When done properly, students can interact to debate the validity of such points and foster a more inclusive enviroment than the seminar leader simply lecturing. Of course this interplay requires more time, inevitably leads to more profound discussion between seminar leader and students.

Seminar handouts, especially for difficult concepts, can provides students with an additional resource in an environment. Helpful examples to hand out include topic outlines, tree or network diagrams and technical drawings. They enable participants to organise the material into a structure that they find clear and revisit the lecture material at a later time. Handout examples might include:

  • The seminars session objectives
  • Full explanations of difficult concepts
  • Scenarios illustrating different applications
  • Diagrams relating different concepts
  • Keyword lists & definitions

Abstracts for Seminars

If you intend to submit an abstract for a seminar or  multiple seminars, you need to have your data and data analysis complete. It is not advised to submit an abstract in the early stages of data collection. Although it is not necessary to have completed your study fully, many times preliminary analysis will benefit from presentation at seminars. Data analysis should be as refined as possible, but the feedback you receive at the conference can help to create ideas for revision. Many times the seminar can be a first step toward publication. The seminar can provide publicity allowing those interested to know where the information will be found. It is acceptable to take your presentation to multiple conference and seminars. Different audiences afford the opportunity to receive many types of feedback. It is suggested that you frame the topic differently depending on the focus of conference and make sure the title reflects this as well.

Seminar speakers are typically only given 15 to 20 minutes to present. It is not possible to present your entire dissertation in this short time. Selecting a small data sample can help you make your point. The title should be clear, and informative title that contains all the key elements of your seminar. A strong title with subtitle is often a way to maximize information in a short space. Many people believe it is easier to choose your title after creating the abstract.

While there variations exist, abstracts for seminars are for the most part quite formulaic when it comes to structure. The first section should include a generalization of the field of study and the issue you plan to address. You would not mention your study, but present the problem, which will help raise the importance of your particular issue. The next section should detail the heart of the abstract. Discuss how your study presents solutions to the issues raise in your opening. Provide brief detail of the study and its methods, present a summary of your findings and details of the results. Finally, you will return to the big picture and how findings relate with issues raised in the intoduction. Also discuss the implifications for the field as a whole. It should convincingly portray t that your research has implications, which are significant.

Finding Success in Seminars

Seminars and there success is dependent on leadership.  By using these techniques to encourage interact and focus data presentation, you will be much more capable in your experience as a leader of seminars. If you are looking for a seminar on signs of depression in men you can perform a Google search and usually find what you are looking for.

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