Mathematics and statistics

With the many similarities between mathematics and statistics, seminars can combine the focus.  For many, the line between mathematics and statistics is skewed, there by making joint study a beneficial process.  Mathematics and statistics seminars help to bring the two disciplines together to create a higher learning environment where students of both can find common ground as well as challenge tradional notions which might place barriers in the way of growth.

Mathematicians attempt to resolve questions of true or false through mathematical proof. The research to solve mathematical dilemas sometimes take years inquiry. We now consider mathematical evidence the truth when it is completed through exhaustive deduction from the appropriate axioms & definitions. Mathematical structures that produce models of real life phenomena must be considered a source of insight and predictions. Using abstraction and logical reasoning, mathematics development stemed from counting to calculation to measurement, and finally to the study of the shape & motion of objects. Mathematics has been a part of human existance for as long as there are written records. Debated arguments appeared as early as the Greek society. The Renaissance provided mathematical innovations with new and exciting discoveries which began a rapid increase in discovery that extends into the current day.
Mathematics principles are used through out the world as a tool in a variety of disciplines, including medicine, engineering, and the natural and social sciences. Applied mathematics, which is concerned with the application of mathematical approach to other disciplines can inspire new techniques and entirely new disciplines, such as statistics.

Statistics is characterized by the study of collecting, organizing, analysis, and interpretation of data. These aspects allow for planning of data collection through design of surveys and experiments. People often gained experience in statistics by working in a variety of fields. Within this field there is the discipline of mathematical statistics which takes the study of statistics and applies a mathematical method. There are those that consider statistics a part of the mathematical field of science, while others might only consider it a derivative of mathematics because of its concern data. With its empirical roots and its concentration on applications, many consider statistics it own distinct science rather than just a branch of mathematics.

Mathematics and statistics Seminars

Mathematics and statistics seminars are designed to introduce students of mathematics and statistics with research and career opportunities.  Seminars should be open to those with prerequisite knowledge as well as a desire to engage in pursuit of knowledge of mathematics and statistics.  Presenters and speakers represent a variety of fields within the mathematics and statistics community, which aid in bringing unique perspective.  Speakers provide insight into the many fields of study and research available to those desiring to pursue mathematics and statistics.  Examples of discussion topics can range from computer science to numerical modeling to probabilistic weather forecasting.   The presenter will discuss the work they are involved with, how they came to be interested in the field and the role mathematics and statistics play  in their lives.

If you have ever wondered what opportunities in industry and academia are available to those with mathematics and statistics backgrounds, or simply care to learn from someone actively involved these seminars can provide an exciting tool.


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