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If getting Cher doesn&#8217t create sufficient advertising buzz to sell a $ 41 million Malibu estate, and for Cher it hasn&#8217t, what can your average individual with far more than a single name employ to sell a wildly overpriced Malibu mansion?

For interior designer and budding restaurateur DeeAnna Staats (lots of vowels, yes, but nevertheless two names), it all starts with the iPad. And, as with each wonderful Hollywood story, goes fantastically more than the top from there.

Staats is doing a little for-sale-by-owner act on a 9,500-square foot property she&#8217s dubbed Carbon Mesa Estate. Asking cost $ 35 million. The charming contemporary Spanish sits on six acres above Malibu&#8217s &#8220Billionaire Beach,&#8221 where Microsoft&#8217s Paul Allen and Oracle&#8217s Larry Ellison have houses they barely pay a visit to. Note that Carbon Mesa is not on the beach, just nearby.

Staats purchased the property for $ 6.6 million in 2006, according to public records and the genuine estate agency that listed it, and spent numerous years remodeling and decorating the mansion with her interior style firm Staats and Co. For all the work and spendy supplies Staats poured into the property, she&#8217s convinced it is now worth five times what she purchased it for.

It is, if she can sell it for $ 35 million. But with a value tag like that, Staats knows she has to do a lot more than schedule an open home and bake cookies to attract a buyer. She demands to go big, and right here&#8217s how she&#8217s carrying out it.

1. Give away iPads like they are Chiclets.

Staats reasons that most fabulously wealthy buyers won&#8217t initially have the time to check out the house in individual, or even send their lackeys. In spot of walking by way of the estate, they&#8217ll want a detailed overview of the house which includes videos, photos, and virtual tours. In order to make that attainable, Staats commissioned an iPad app that includes all the details a property buyer would want, floor plans, materials, brand names of appliances and HD videos.

She then bought 10 iPads ($ 400 to $ 800 every, based on the model), installed the custom app, gift-wrapped them, and shipped them to unnamed prospective buyers and genuine estate firms. Total price? Likely around $ four,000 for the 10 iPads (assuming she purchased iPad 2s) plus the custom-built app, which adds an additional $ 20,000 to $ 30,000.

2. Hire a Hollywood director to develop a film that captures the luxurious and thrilling life style you could be top if you spent $ 35 million on a property.

As if the opportunity of owning such a selection property subsequent to über-rich neighbors Ellison and DreamWorks co-founder David Geffen wasn&#8217t adequate to lure a buyer, Staats hired director Graham Henman (whose function you&#8217ve noticed in a variety of Budweiser and Chevrolet commercials) to make a brief film that imagines what life could be like in your personal Malibu lair. Titled &#8221The Spider and the Fly,&#8221 the 3-minute video plays like a spy thriller, not a residence tour. The video&#8217s rousing soundtrack was created by Hans Zimmer&#8217s Studio, the masterminds behind the Lion King, Dark Knight, and Pirates of the Caribbean musical scores.

In the film (which is no threat for awards season) a sultry girls appears to break into the home by means of the U.S. Open-ready tennis court, skirting about the hired support so she doesn&#8217t get caught. In her all-black spy getup, she makes her way via the house&#8217s maze of rooms, pausing lengthy enough to show off a restaurant-quality kitchen, a climate-controlled wine cellar, and huge crystal chandelier in the foyer &#8212 all the hallmarks of a well-appointed Hollywood residence. Like any difficult-working spy, she slinks upstairs and out of her spy gear into a enormous shower. Next thing you know, a fully dressed, champagne-toting man joins her in the steamy confines. (SPOILER ALERT) It&#8217s her husband, and turns out, she&#8217s not even a spy, she lives there! Staats isn&#8217t disclosing how a lot the production price, but your typical middling-price range commercial runs around $ 300,000.

three. Price tag it as high as Al Pacino&#8217s character in Scarface.

As if every thing isn&#8217t currently overwrought, the residence&#8217s price tag is as well, particularly when nearby homes owned by actual celebrities have sold for much much less than Staat&#8217s asking price. Final year, Brad Pitt only fetched $ 12 million for his Malibu estate. And then there is national treasure Cher.

Even immediately after lowering the value of her 14,000-square foot estate from an eye-searing $ 45 million to a merely blinding $ 41 million in 2009, Cher couldn&#8217t get the deal accomplished and pulled the property from the industry waiting for much better days (or probably a new Vegas act to prime purchasers). It seems crazy to point to Oracle&#8217s island-happy Ellison as the rational one, but he purchased five beachfront houses on Billionaire Beach in 2005 for what appears like a reasonable $ 65 million, or $ 13 million per home. When the asking cost of Carbon Mesa was revealed to Bob Hurwitz, president of Los Angeles true estate firm Hurwitz James Co., and the home&#8217s former owner, his response was utter disbelief.

Staat and Co&#8217s vice president Lynn Guilburt says extensive remodeling of the estate in which the property was &#8220completely rebuilt with unique interest to only making use of the finest and most talented artists and craftspeople to develop a breathtaking estate&#8221 tends to make it worth $ 35 million. Of course, that&#8217s the identical type of thinking that resulted in the $ 275 million stinker John Carter. The couple of who bothered to sit by means of all two-plus hours of the sci-fi train wreck know how that ended: in alien tears.

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