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No 1 will pay huge bucks for your company if they don’t think it can run with no you. Here’s how to show it can.

When you began your organization, the chances are pretty excellent that a person handed you a copy of Michael Gerber&rsquos The E-Myth and mentioned, &ldquoRead this.&rdquo Ever since, you have appreciated the importance of creating systems into your organization so that it can run without you. But there is an additional benefit to systematizing your organization and documenting your processes: It will support you get paid much more when you&rsquore prepared to money out.

Take, for instance, Robert Verdun&rsquos Computerized Facility Integration, LLC (CFI), which has sales of about $ 20 million a year. Verdun and his group support massive organizations manage their investments in real estate clientele contain Dow Chemical and Pfizer.

Verdun is not looking to sell, but he was prepared to permit me and my colleague, John Duguid, managing director of Gallium Corporate Finance, to look at his company and give him guidance about how he could prepare CFI to be sold if and when the time ever comes.

When we got to know Verdun&rsquos company, we realized just how nicely Verdun had standardized the squishy organization of moving offices. &ldquoYou don&rsquot just move a individual,&rdquo says Verdun. &ldquoThere are many folks involved. We have to take into consideration movers, construction, permits, artwork, IT, safety, capital arranging, and more.&rdquo Verdun says his company can conserve its clientele about $ 300 to $ 500 for each and every move it takes on. &rdquoMost big organizations move much more than 40 percent of their men and women every year,&rdquo he says, &ldquoso it adds up rapidly.&rdquo

Verdun has cross-trained his staff so that most of his people can do much more than one particular job in the company. That way, in the event of an employee departure, a cross-trained staffer can slip into the open spot, follow the instructions the company provides, and get the operate done.

Not only has this aided Verdun scale his company–which was number 3,052 on the 2011 Inc. 5000 list–but it will also aid him get out cleanly when he&rsquos prepared to sell. Most service companies are overly reliant on a couple of essential personnel, which is risky for a buyer. When it comes time to sell, most acquirers of service companies are reluctant to offer a decent several upfront. As an alternative, they choose to pay the principal(s) the bulk of their money in an &ldquoearn out.&rdquo This demands the seller to hit particular targets more than the next year or two (or even 3) in order to get paid for the sale, effectively shifting the threat from the purchaser to the seller.

For example, I know one particular multinational marketing agency that has a regular formula for acquiring marketing and advertising businesses: 10 x earnings, three of which are paid on closing, with the other seven obtainable–potettentially–if the owner(s) hits a series of targets in the future.

Picture you&rsquove worked your whole adult life to create an marketing agency up to a million dollars of EBITDA and a purchaser comes along and provides you $ ten million for your life&rsquos operate only to take most of it away in the fine print by placing $ 7 million at risk in what amounts to a prospective bonus for 3 years of your life spent as a middle manager in a multinational conglomerate.

Most CEOs would rather get paid on closing, which is what Verdun is poised to do when he&rsquos ready to sell. &ldquoAssuming CFI&rsquos enterprise systems, processes and crucial workers stand up to buyer due diligence,&rdquo says Gallium&rsquos Duguid, &ldquothe necessity of getting Robert remain on is drastically reduced, and his mergers and aquisitions advisor would be resisting an earn-out.&rdquo

Yes, your systems will help you scale up, but the hidden reason to focus on systems has absolutely nothing to do with operating your organization. Instead, it has everything to do with becoming able to make a clean break when you&rsquore ready to hit the eject button.


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