When considering evaluation forms, once a regular performance appraisal has been established, the employee becomes comfortable with the process, and a formal written process may be added. A great place to get free evaluation forms is here, evaluation forms. Do remember that a formal written procedure may be used effectively with new employees.  The following three pages present a sample performance appraisal form. If some sections do not apply to the situation, they can be modified or deleted altogether.   Most managers complain about the employee review process being too cumbersome and saddled with forms that are too long.  Keeping the form to one or two pages can be a huge relief for managers and senior leaders who don’t want managers spending hours upon hours filling out the paperwork.


Evaluation Forms: Employee Performance Evaluation (SAMPLE)


Employee Name:_________________________________

Evaluation Date:____/____/____

A. Cooperation

1. Willingness to assist coworkers ____

2. Attitude when work needs to be repeated ____

3. Adaptability when schedule must be changed ____

4. Willingness to work extra hours ____


B. Attendance and Punctuality

1. Promptness at the start of the work day ____

2. Attendance record ____

3. Stays as late as necessary (within reason) to complete assignment and/or current activity (not a clock watcher) ____

Days Sick:______

Days Tardy:______


C. Initiative

1. Sees when something needs to be done and does it ____

2. Seeks help when needed ____

3. Demonstrates a “self-starter” attitude ____

4. Helps out to achieve the overall goals of the farm ____

5. Makes practical, workable suggestions for improvements ____

6. Commitment to self-improvement ____


D. Dependability

1. Can be counted on to carry out assignments with careful follow-through and follow-up ____

2. Meets predetermined targets or deadlines ____

3. Can be counted on to overcome obstacles to meet goals ____

4. Can be counted on to adapt to changes as necessary ____

5. Can be counted on for consistent performance ____

6. Is personally accountable for his/her actions ____


E. Attitude

1. Offers assistance willingly ____

2. Makes a positive contribution to morale ____

3. Shows sensitivity to and consideration for others’ feelings ____

4. Accepts constructive criticism positively ____

5. Shows pride in work ____


F. Judgment

1. Demonstrates good judgment in handling routine problems ____

2. Analyzes decisions before implementing them ____

3. Has the ability to work under pressure ____

4. Recognizes deficiencies and seeks help when appropriate ____


G. Specific Job Skills

1. Has appropriate knowledge of agriculture as it relates to his/her specific jobs ____

2. Has appropriate skills in operating farm equipment ____

3. Has appropriate skills in working with livestock ____

4. As new ideas or technologies are introduced, is able to learn and use them appropriately ____

5. Other (specify):

H. Communications (Written or Oral)

1. Keeps farm manager and/or coworkers informed of work progress ____

2. Reports necessary information to coworkers ____

3. Keeps and maintains all necessary written information that might be required by a specific assignment ____


I. Productivity

1. Work completion is consistently high ____

2. Can be counted on for overtime or extra ____ effort as needed to meet the farm’s goals ____

3. Makes effective use of resources available to accomplish all assignments, avoiding waste ____


J. Interpersonal Relationships

1. Maintains a positive relationship with the management team ____

2. Maintains a positive relationship with other workers ____

3. Listens effectively ____

4. Is a team player and participates with others to accomplish the task at hand ____


K. Organizational Skills

1. Performs tasks in an organized and efficient manner ____

2. Handles multiple activities simultaneously ____

3. Makes effective use of time (not merely busy) ____


L. Safety

1. Performs activities in a safe manner ____

2. Understands and supports the farm safety program/policies ____

3. Encourages safety of others on a regular basis; recognizes unsafe working conditions; suggests new safety standards as appropriate ____


1. What creative contributions (new ideas, procedures, etc.) has the employee made to the farm in the past year?

2. What new skills has the employee learned or shown improvement in this year?

3. What is the employee’s greatest strength or area of contribution to the farm this year?

4. Where could there be improvement in the employee over the next year; what specific training should be considered?

5. What changes would the employee like to see in the farming operation next year?

6. What are the employee’s personal goals for the next year?

Employee Signature:________________________________

Supervisor Signature:______________________________

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